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What is a payment link?

The Eventjet system offers an integrated payment link function for paying for tickets from direct sales. In contrast to all the other payment methods bank transfer, cash, deposit, etc., Eventjet is directly involved into the payment process.

The check of the payment receipt by the host, dunning and invoice dispatch can be omitted.

Wow to use a payment link

If a transaction is created via direct sales, the desired payment method can be selected after selecting the tickets and entering the buyer data.

Step 1

When selecting the payment link payment method, the Eventjet system creates a secured link for the transaction in question, which is immediately sent to the guest by email.

Step 2

If the guest clicks on this link, the entire order is immediately displayed clearly. This presentation includes:

  • The organizer through whom he ordered the ticket. (Beneficiary of the pending payment)
  • The ordered tickets (event, ticket category, number and price)
  • The total purchase price of the order
  • All possible payment methods, e.g. credit card, immediate transfer, EPS, Paypal, etc.

After the guest has selected the desired payment method, the entire transaction is paid for in real time.

Step 3

After successful payment, the guest receives the tickets from this direct sale, the tickets can be downloaded immediately. In addition, these are sent together with the corresponding invoice by e-mail.

If the transaction is not paid within the set period (usually 2 days), the further procedure depends on the respective settings:

  • The transaction will be canceled and the tickets will be released for sale again.
  • The transaction receives the status “overdue”. You can decide whether you want to delete the payment link or extend it again.

Payment link fees

When paying for tickets using a payment link, the payment is processed, analogous to online tickets, via the available payment service providers (VISA, Mastercard, Sofortüberweisung, Paypal, etc.). When using these payment services, small costs (Disagi) are incurred.

Cancellation of a payment link

You can easily cancel the direct sale with the “payment link” payment method via our system. Depending on the progress of the purchase process, the following actions must be taken.

The guest has NOT yet used the payment link (Status: Waiting)

You have 2 options available:

  • You can delete the payment link. The payment link will be removed and the reservation will remain. Please note that in this case the guest will not be automatically informed about the changed payment method. The direct sale must be processed accordingly and the guest informed so that tickets can be created.
  • You can cancel the entire transaction. The payment link and all direct sales will be canceled and the seats will be released for sale again.

The guest has paid via the payment link (Status: Done)

The purchase process is complete, valid tickets have been created and sent to the guest.

You can find more information on how to proceed in the “Cancel tickets” section

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