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Link to the shop

The easiest way to your ticket shop is via a simple link

And this is how you find the link to your shop:

  • In the main menu (left) click on the menu item “Shop
  • Click the “Website Integration” tab
  • Copy the link that leads to your shop and embed it anywhere on your website

To integrate the shop into your website see “Integrate shop in website

Integrate shop in website

Once your Eventjet account has been created, also your individual ticket shop will be automatically created for you. All events you create and activate are offered for sale in this ticket shop (see creating an Event). You can integrate this ticket shop directly into your website in just 5 minutes without technical knowledge.

To do this, proceed as follows:

Step – 1: In the main menu (left) click on the menu item “Shop

Step -2: Click on tab Website Integration

In this tab you will find the link leading to your shop. If you click on this link or copy this link and enter it into the browser window, the shop opens in the basic functional view.
Below you will find the HTML code you (or your web administrator) need to integrate the shop into your website

Step – 3: Copy both information (link to the shop + HTML code) and send it to your web administrator. The integration into your site is then done in just 5 minutes.

Shop on Facebook, Instagram and Co

In addition to integrating the ticket shop into your website, you can use it in your social media such as Facebook, Instagram and co. Since the link policy of these media is constantly changing, the conditions for direct integration can change as well.

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