1. Dokumentation
  2. Payment of ticket revenue

Revenues from online sales

Basically, the proceeds of the online tickets will be paid to you after the event has expired. The clearing of all expired events takes place twice a week.

Thus, you can expect that the proceeds of the tickets sold online will arrive on your account 2-3 business days after the event expires

Revenues from direct sales

In addition to the sale of tickets via the Eventjet online shop, the organizer also offers various options for the “direct sale” of tickets via Eventjet. In direct sales, tickets are issued directly by the host to the guest.

The resulting proceeds are transferred directly from the guest to your account at each ticket purchase. Therefore, these are available to you immediately and without delay.

Examples of directly sold tickets are:

  • Cash sale of tickets in your own sales office
  • Sale of tickets via the Eventjet reservation system
  • Sale of tickets through your ticket agencies
  • Sales through Eventjet distribution partners
  • Etc.


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