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Easy Scan with smart phone and free app

With the free Easy Scan solution from Eventjet, validating your ticket is child’s play. Thanks to the technology used, this application works both online and offline. Simply download the Scanapp, enter the scancode of the event and off you go.

As with all Eventjet scanning solutions, Easy Scan allows you to operate any number of entrys at the same time. more

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Profi Scan Mobile with all in one device

The mobile and robust solution for events with high demands.

With the Eventjet Profi Scan you can easily validate a large number of tickets within a short time with the All in One device with built-in laser scanner. The device is mobile and can be used anywhere by the Check In staff. By using state-of-the-art technologies, the Eventjet professional scan app is easy to use and extremely robust, even if the internet reception is poor.

With the Profi Scan applications, several entrances can be operated at the same time.

You can request the necessary equipment via our equipment rental for a daily rate only 40 € plus 20% VAT per device and day of the event.
The daily rate includes 1x All In One scanner + 1x charging station + 1x charging cable.For sendig equipment by mail, additional costs may arise.

Profi Scan Fix mit Laptop und Barcode Scanner

Perfect for events with high demands

The Profi Scann solution with laptop and USB barcode scanner is perfect for checking in at fixed locations such as the box office or at the reception. Simply plug the USB barcode scanner into your laptop and scan your visitors’ tickets.

Even with this scan solution, several entrances can be operated simultaneously.

If you do not have a USB barcode scanner, our equipment rental company will gladly provide you with a corresponding device – free of charge.

For sending equipment by mail, additional costs may arise.


Scanner mit Laptop und Scanner

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