1. Dokumentation
  2. Create event

1. Enter event information

Enter the most important parameters of your event

Event title” Choose a simple and short name for your event

Event subtitle” You can optionally choose a subtitle of your event. Thereafter, this subtitle is displayed in the ticket shop as a supplement to the event title

Start and End” Indicate when your event starts and when it ends

Category” Choose a suitable category for your event. This will make your event better advertised and found

Seating plan” You can deposit interactive syllabus for ticket purchase to this event. This feature is not available in Economy Class. If you are interested in an upgrade to Business Class, we look forward to hearing from you.

Venue” If you are using a new venue, please complete the address of this location. If you have already saved a venue, you can use the “My Locations” function via the drop-down menu.

Click on “Continue to Tickets” to go to the next step “Tickets

2. Create tickets

Enter which ticket categories you need for your events

Name of ticket category” Choose a short and simple name (maximum of 90 characters). If a ticket category should contain more information, you can always add additional text in the “Advanced Settings”.

Ticket price” Enter the ticket price (including VAT)

Available” Enter the maximum number of available tickets from this category. You can adjust this number at any time during the event. If you do not specify a number, unlimited tickets will be issued in this category.

Max. Visitors” Optionally, you can limit the number of total visitors per event. If this limit is reached, the sale of all available ticket categories will be terminated, even if there are still available tickets in the individual ticket categories. This limit can be adjusted at any time during the event.

Please click on “Continue to Ticketdesign” to get to the next step “Ticketdesign

3. Customize ticket design

Since the tickets are delivered to the guest as Print @ Home tickets, the standard format of the tickets is DIN A4

This DIN A4 ticket can be designed according to your ideas by adding a suitable graphic and / or text

Graphic on the ticket” By uploading a graphic (JPG or PNG) you can design your tickets. This graphic is always displayed on all tickets.

Info text for all ticket categories” By clicking on the yellow area you can enter a text that applies to all ticket categories

Info text for this ticket category” by clicking on this radio button, you can upload a text that is only printed on the selected ticket category

Please click on “Continue to Event Options” to go to the next and last step “Options

4. Select options

In the “Options” menu, you can make advanced settings at the event level. These options then affect the entire event.

Examples of possible options:

  • Change the expense distribution. This option allows you to specify at event level who will be charged and how they will be displayed
  • Visibility of this event in the shop
  • Limit total number of visitors
  • Change the control settings of this event
  • Add event details or event program
  • Advertise this event for free in the event calendar
  • Upload banner ads for this event

5. Activate the event

Each event will be saved as a draft until you finish entering your event details. The event is finished when the most important event information is entered. Now you can activate the event by clicking on “Activate Event” (top right).

In addition to the created account, the minimum requirements for events are:

  • event name
  • Start & end date
  • Venue
  • At least one ticket category created

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