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  2. Cancel tickets

General Info

Basically, there is no legal claim of the participant on the cancellation of a ticket. In certain cases, it may happen that tickets are canceled by the host.

Voluntary cancellation

As an organizer you can cancel tickets, even if there is no legal obligation to do so.

To cancel a ticket, proceed as follows:

  • Click on “Order search” in the upper right corner of the blue bar
  • Find the order in question
  • Click on the order in which the affected tickets are located
  • Scroll down the page until you reach the tickets in this order
  • Select the tickets you want to cancel
  • Click on “Cancel selected tickets”

Canceled tickets are automatically available for sale again. If the tickets were linked to seats, they will also be released.


Cancellation of the whole event

If an event is canceled, the organizer may be required to reimburse the ticket price to the participants. Depending on the contractual relationship between the organizer and the participant, this reimbursement obligation may also include the fees incurred. See Event Cancellation

Cancellation due to ticket insurance

The organizer can optionally offer customers a cancellation insurance. At most, this insurance stipulates under what conditions and under what conditions tickets can be canceled.

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