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  2. Cancel tickets

General Info

In principle, the ticket buyer does have no legal right to the cancellation of a ticket. In certain cases, however, tickets may need to be canceled by the host.

If purchased tickets are canceled by the host, the following actions are triggered:

  • The marked tickets are canceled and can no longer be checked in
  • The corresponding places will be released for sale again
  • The host’s revenue recognized at the time of purchase will be corrected
  • A credit note is automatically created for the calculated cancellation amount, which can be sent to the guest

Cancellation of tickets

In principle, the ticket buyer has no legal right to cancellation/refund of purchased tickets. In individual cases, however, it can still happen that tickets have to be canceled by the organizer

To cancel individual tickets from an order or an entire order, please proceed as follows:

1. Search for the relevant transaction using the order search (top right in the blue bar)

  • To cancel an entire order, click on the “Cancellation” icon (top right) in the order overview.
  • Select the “Cancel order” option
  • To cancel individual tickets from an order, click in the order and select the tickets to be cancelled
  • Click on “Cancel Selected Tickets”

2. Select which parts of the purchase price should be refunded to the guest

  • Refund of the full purchase price including the fees incurred
  • Refund of the purchase price minus the fees for purchasing the tickets and their refund

3. Select whether the refund should be made by Eventjet or by the event organizer.

4. Select whether a cancellation fee should be charged or not

5. Click on “Submit refund”

The system then generates a corresponding credit note. This one is displayed at the end of the credit overview and will be sent to the guest by e-mail.

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