1. Dokumentation
  2. Cancellation of events

Refund by the organizer

If an event is canceled, the organizer may be required to reimburse the ticket price to the participants. Depending on the contractual relationship between the organizer and the participant, this reimbursement obligation may also include the fees incurred.

For this purpose, Eventjet provides the organizer with the necessary information via the reports.

The payment of the ticket prices to the participant (possibly including the fees incurred) is thus made directly by the organizer to the participant

According to DSGVO, neither Eventjet nor the organizer is allowed  to store bank, or credit card information from ticket buyers. Therefore, a refund of the ticket price is only possible in cooperation with the participant. For example, to reimburse the ticket price, it may be necessary to request the participant to announce an bank account where the refund can be transferred.

Erstattung durch Eventjet

The organizer may instruct Eventjet to settle back an event. In this case, Eventjet takes all necessary steps to inform the participants and to refund the purchase price of the tickets (possibly including any fees).