1. Dokumentation
  2. Shopping settings

Color of the shop

Once your Eventjet account is created, you can customize the ticket shop in color on your website. It fits seamlessly into your page.

To do this, proceed as follows:

Step – 1: In the main menu (left) click on the menu item “Shop”

Step – 2: Click on “Settings”

Step – 3: Choose the color that best suits your website

Data requested from the buyer

As an organizer, you can freely decide which data will be requested by the customer when buying tickets.

By default, the following fields are requested when buying tickets:

“E-Mail Address” This field is a mandatory field. It is required to deliver the ticket by e-mail

“Salutation” Mr / Mrs is used to personalize the salutation in the communication with the customer

“Name” This field is used to create a personal ticket purchase ticket

“Address” This field is used to create a personal ticket purchase ticket

“I would like to receive information and event news” This is the customer’s consent to send the newsletter

For each field, you can also decide whether the field is requested as a mandatory field or defined as an optional input field.

To customize the query fields, follow these steps or check Data collection-forms

  • In main menu (left) click on “Shop”
  • Click on the “Fields” tab
  • Choose from the predefined fields the ones you need
  • For special fields (free fields, multiple queries, etc.) select the field “Custom” and follow the menu
  • All fields can be defined as mandatory or optional

Social Media Marketing

Set tracking codes to check the effectiveness of your campaigns:

Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Facebook pixels

To set the tracking codes, follow these steps:

  • Click on “Shop” in the main menu (left)
  • Click on the “Tracking codes” tab
  • Put the respective tracking codes in the fields provided
  • Click on “Save”

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