1. Dokumentation
  2. Validation of tickets

How can I validate the tickets?

All tickets that you issue to your guests via the Eventjet system have a unique ticket code. This ticket code is also printed in the form of a bar and / or QR code on the respective ticket. By validating the tickets, you ensure that each ticket can only be used once.

For ticket validation (scanning) different scanning options are available depending on the chosen pricing model.

2. Scanning with USB laser scanner + laptop

This scanning solution is ideal if you have a fixed place (e.g. box office) at the event to safely set up the laptop.

For this scanning solution you need a laptop and a USB laser scanner. You can request a suitable USB laser scanner free of charge via our equipment rental service.

To validate the tickets with the USB laser scanner + laptop, proceed as follows:

1. Plug the USB laser scanner into the laptop. The installation starts automatically. This may take a few seconds.

2. Open a browser of your laptop (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc)

3. Enter the event’s scan link in the browser line you want to scan, e.g. v_123456789

4. Place the cursor in the input field and start to scan

1. Scan by mobile phone

The easiest way to validate the tickets is the Eventjet Scann App, which is unlocked for all price models.

The app is designed as a mobile website and can be used for both Android and IOS devices.

To validate the tickets, proceed as follows:

1. Open a browser on your smartphone (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)

2. Enter the following URL in the browser line of your smartphone:


3. Enter the mobile scanning code of the event you want to scan, e.g. v_123456789

4. Click “Start Scanning” The device will now download all tickets to the device. This can take a few seconds.

5. Focus on the QR code printed on the ticket with the device.

6. The device automatically validates the ticket

3. Scan with “All In One” professional device

This scanning solution is ideal for large events or with particularly dense crowds of your guests such as festivals, meadow festivals, summer theater, etc.

To use this solution, you will receive the appropriate equipment from our equipment rental company. These All In One devices are similar to a smartphone and can be used by security personnel directly at the checkpoint.

Each device is W-LAN capable, has a GSM card and has a built-in laser scanner. This ensures extremely fast and secure ticket validation, even at major events.

The preconfigured devices are delivered to you by parcel service and are immediately ready for use. For a request including recommended price, we are always happy to help Contact equipment rental

4. Operating instructions “All In One” professional device

Scan tickets

To validate tickets with the professional device, please proceed as follows:

  1. Start the scanner by pressing the power button on the front of the device for one second. The device may take a few seconds to boot.
  2. If the device asks you for a password, enter 0000.
  3. Make sure “Hardware scanner mode” is enabled (checked). This setting can be found on the bottom left of the scanner screen.
  4. Enter the scan code of the event for which you want to validate the tickets. e.g. v_123456789
  5. Click “START”. Now the device synchronizes with the Evenjet server and loads all tickets to be scanned into memory. Depending on the number of tickets, this may take a few seconds. Once the device has finished syncing, you can start scanning the tickets.
  6. To scan tickets, point the device’s laser beam (located on the front of the device) at the QR code of the ticket to be scanned and press one of the two scan buttons on the left or right side of the device. The scanner button is labeled with three dots.
  7. The scanner will confirm the action with a beep and display the result of the scan on the screen

Reset the scan app

To scan a new event, the device must be reset. This avoids the mixing of saved tickets from different events. To reset the app, please proceed as follows:

    1. Click on the three dots (top right) on the display.
    2. Select the Reset app option


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