1. Dokumentation
  2. Distribution channels

1. Online sales of tickets

Online sales via your own website

Integrate the Eventjet ticket shop into your website in just 5 minutes without any technical knowledge. This enables your customers to buy tickets quickly and safely directly on their website.

Online sales via friendly websites

In addition to the integration of the ticket shop in your own website (see 1. Online on your own website), you can also integrate your shop in any number of friendly websites. This multiplies the range of your event.

Online sales via my event page

You do not have your own website or would like to use a separate page for one of your events? No problem!

Eventjet will automatically create your own event page for each event. This page is very clearly designed to ensure an optimal presentation of your event. The Eventjet Ticketshop is already integrated in this event page and can be used with seat reservation as well as free choice of seat.

Online sales via my brand page

Depending on the price model, Eventjet offers (in addition to the event page) an appealing “Brand Page”. Through this page you can optimally present your company and all planned events.

2. Direct sales of tickets

In addition to a large number of online sales channels, Eventjet also offers tools for the direct sale of tickets directly from the organizer to the ticket purchaser

Sales in own sales offices

Do you have own sales offices with customer traffic? Then the cash sale is the right tool for you. With the cash sale you “pull” your event ticket directly from the system and print it out on the spot. These tickets can be created either in A4 standard format or on a professional ticket printer. If you are interested in a ticket printer solution with high-quality ticket paper, please contact us at sales.eventjet.at

Telephone order acceptance

Sometimes the mere online sale of tickets is not enough. Then the telephone order acceptance can be part of your sales strategy. In order to relieve you of the best possible, we offer a variety of functions that optimally support you from the order acceptance to the delivery of the tickets.

Examples are

  • Registration of telephone orders in the system
  • Electronic dispatch of reservation confirmations
  • Reminder of overdue payments
  • Posting the payment
  • Transfer to account
    • Payment slip
    • Prepayment
    • Etc.
  • Delivery of the tickets
  • Shipping by e-mail
  • Shipping as a mobile ticket
  • Mailing
  • Deposit at the day / evening box office
  • Automatic billing

3. External sales outlets

You can easely connect external outlets to your Eventjet system. The simplest way is to add any point of sale as a new user and give it the desired permissions e.g. direct sales. We are happy to advise you on how to optimally use this function.

Do you have questions? Our team can help: Contact us.