1. Dokumentation
  2. Financial features

Invoice for ticket purchase

Eventjet automatically generates an invoice for each ticket sale (online and direct sales). This will be prepared on behalf of the host and sent to the guest, together with the tickets, by e-mail.

The invoices thus sent comply with the Austrian Accounting Act, are accepted throughout Europe and are archived by Eventjet for 10 years. The bills for the guest usually contain the following information:

  • Name Address & Company of the host
  • UID number of the host (if a right of deduction is given)
  • Event name and event date
  • Name, price, VAT rate & number of tickets sold per ticket category and event
  • Total ticket prices include VAT
  • Proportional VAT
  • Total of ticket prices excluding VAT

Booking notification

After an event has expired, the event will be settled and a document (booking notification) will be generated on the ticket revenue generated. This booking message contains the following information:

  • Event number
  • Event name
  • Type and number of tickets sold per ticket category
  • Proceeds per ticket category sold
  • Total revenue of all ticket categories

All booking messages are stored (together with the invoices) in the Eventjet system. To view the booking messages, proceed as follows:

  • Click on “Finance” in the main menu (left
  • Click on the “Documents” tab
  • Click on the desired document

Invoice for using the system

When tickets are sold through the Eventjet system, there are some system usage fees, depending on the pricing model. Using the “Economy plan” or “Business plan” the system usage fee is calculated per ticket sold. In the “First Class Plan” fees are agreed between Eventjet and the organizer individually.

The system usage fee is always charged to the organizer in the first step. For this, the organizer receives a law-compliant bill. As an organizer, however, you can pass on the system usage fee per ticket to the guest with one click (see Fee Settings).

In order to simplify the billing of events, the ticket revenue (shown in the booking notification) and any invoices are netted on every payment run. The amount thus calculated will be paid in the transfer to the organizer.

All invoices are stored in the Eventjet system (together with the booking messages). To view the invoices, follow these steps:

  • Click on “Finance” in the main menu (left)
  • Click on the “Documents” tab
  • Click on the desired document


Basically, ticket revenues are transferred to the organizer immediately after the end of the event (see payment of ticket revenue).

In the pricing model “First Class” the agreement of prepayments is possible. For questions about our “First Class” model, we are always happy to help! Kontakt Österreich

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