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What is a brand?

A “brand” is an event format with its own corporat e identity e.g. “Salzburg Theater Summer” which is used by an organizer.

Eventjet will provide event organizers with an appealing and functional “Brand Page”. This brand page is perfect as a professional website and is 100% suitable for use on mobile devices. In many cases, the Eventjet “Brand Page” also replaces its own website, which significantly reduces costs and administrative resources.


Eventpage for Salonmagie

Eventpage for Wiesen Festivals

With the Eventjet “Brand Page” you can promote your events for free and sell tickets to your customers at the push of a button and without intermediaries.

Advantages of a brand page

Unlike an event, which begins and ends, a brand is always online. This noticeably improves the findability of your brand. This findability in search engines such as Google and Co. is in turn an important contribution to optimizing your events and subsequently your ticket sales.

In addition, as an organizer, you can operate several brands and manage them via one interface.

How to create a brand page

To create your own “Brand Page” please contact our Zagreb based  Eventjet Adriatic Team


Do you have questions? Our team can help: Contact us.